Wholesale Overstock Closeout Liquidators in Windsor, Ontario

Liquidate Inventory with Ease!

Liquidation Center is your #1 Source for all your product liquidation, reverse logistics and asset management solution in Canada. We pride ourselves on having great reach with a large buying power network. So no matter what your needs are to rid your excess inventory, let Liquidation Center get your maximum return in the fastest amount of time. Liquidation Center has multiple programs from being able to buy all assets/inventory and reselling them, offering stock and brokering a trade/sale, auctioning off and handling the complete sale of goods A-Z leaving your company with more time to focus on your business, while we do what we are good at  and maximize your returns for old, distresses, damaged, obsolete, used, closeout and excess inventory. We either byuy from you the lot or sell on your behalf after reviewing your application.

With 10 years of experience, Liquidation Center is your right partner when it comes to moving products.

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