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Wholesale Liquidation Merchandise in Ontario

When new generation electronics find themselves on the market, where do the older generations go? Generally speaking, these older models are then sold off at a lower price to make room in inventory for the just-launched merchandise. Certain companies know the value of finding well-priced electronics and buy out the stock to sell to consumers at a fair price.

Liquidation Center is that company. With inventory including refurbished laptops and tablets, gaming consoles, cables and other accessories, the ever-changing stock is sure to have something of value to you. Each piece of merchandise is fully tested by staff for functionality before being put on sale to make sure none of our customers ever encounter a faulty piece of electronics.

Video games from older generation consoles, such as the XBOX360, the Wii, and the PS3, can be found on the shelves, along with refurbished gaming consoles, headsets, controllers, and other accessories. These make a perfect gift for a friend or loved one who has an older console and little gaming choices to choose from.

Along with the electronics inventory that is in the shop, Liquidation Center also provides a repair service for gaming consoles that still have life in them, PC and Mac computers who need some upgrading, and phones and tablets that have met with unfortunate accidents. The technicians who work at Liquidation Center are qualified to do work on a number of phones and tablets.

Online Closeouts in Ontario

While Liquidation Closeout mainly does business as a liquidation seller, the services in repairing and refurbishing cell phones, tablets, gaming consoles, and laptop and desktop computers are a welcome added addition to the company. As with many websites, our reputation is only as good as the service we provide. Shop now for great deals, or contact one of our repair technicians to schedule a repair for your broken electronics.

Liquidation Center is an importer/exporter/distributor and wholesaler for a wide variety of products. We purchase directly from national retailers and manufacture closeouts, liquidations, overstock, and salvage customer return products for pennies on the dollar, and pass on the savings to our customers alike. We cater to small flea market dealers, to online sales customers, and to international customers who purchase by the container. It is our mission to work with each customer, and help build there business and cater to them by helping them grow a long lasting business relationship.

Sell to Us

Liquidation Center is your #1 Source for all your product liquidation, reverse logistics and asset management solution in Canada. We pride ourselves on having great reach with a large buying power network. So no matter what your needs are to rid your excess inventory, let Liquidation Center get your maximum return in the fastest amount of time. Liquidation Center has multiple programs from being able to buy all assets/inventory and reselling them, offering stock and brokering a trade/sale, auctioning off and handling the complete sale of goods A-Z leaving your company with more time to focus on your business, while we do what we are good at and maximize your returns for old, distresses, damaged, obsolete, used, closeout and excess inventory. We either byuy from you the lot or sell on your behalf after reviewing your application.