B3 Brands Turbocut Precision Cutting System 6in1 HT-TC1006 – NEW

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Product Description

B3 Brands
Turbocut Precision cutting system
Contractor grade 6 in 1 tool HT-TC1006
Cuts materials such as
● Floor tiles
● Wall tiles
● Glass
● Vinyl
● Linoleum
● Carpet
● Wood
● Fabrics
Included blades are
● Circle cutter- cuts linoleum, vinyl, plastic, paper leather and fabrics
● Tile and glass cutter- cuts wall and floor tiles, ceramics and porcelain tiles upto 3⁄4
inch in thickness and lasts for 5 km.
● Notched saw- cuts wood, plastic piping, and sheetrock
● Tungsten carbide saw- can be used on uneven shapes
● Handy blade dispenser for utility and hooked blades
● Utility blade can be used to cut paper, plastic, cardboard
● Hooked utility blade makes cutting carpet, roofing shingles and similar materials
● Refillable lubricating oil bottle can be used when cutting tile and glass.
Comes in a plastic carrying case with a handle.
Caution: Use with safety glasses.
Made in Italy


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