LeapFrog Learning Friends Play and Discover School Set

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Product Description

Curriculum that goes beyond core skills

The Learning Friends Play & Discover School Set helps children get excited for school by making school routines familiar and fun. Kids can place Learning Friends figures in the Circle Time area and slide the teacher, Ms. Giraffe, to explore five common preschool and kindergarten activities: Greetings, Sharing Time, Story Time, Break Time—which includes snack, bathroom and quiet time—and Free Play, which includes art, music and outside play. Adding or moving the interactive figurines changes the audio responses, so that kids can build listening comprehension skills as they explore more than 70 unique stories, songs and phrases. The Play & Discover School Set also encourages imaginative play and fine motor skills with doors that open and close, a carousel and slide for free play and a movable snack time table.

Personalized for every child

With five different school activities and plenty of opportunities for imaginative play, the Learning Friends Play & Discover School Set invites each child to explore in his or her own way. Kids can gather up Learning Friends characters for Circle Time activities led by Ms. Giraffe, spin Learning Friends figures in the carousel, launch them gently down the slide, prepare the table for a “snack,” make the class dance to popular songs—it’s entirely up to your child! Open-ended questions prompt children to act out their own unique ideas, by asking what kind of art they’d like to make, what they’d like to share that day and more.

Fun with their favorite characters

The Learning Friends Play & Discover School Set comes with three interactive figurines—Monkey, Turtle and Tiger. Place one, two or all three in the Circle Time area to change up the fun and learning! Each enthusiastic animal friend has its own special personality and phrases, and Ms. Giraffe greets each by name depending on who is at school. Additional Learning Friends figures (sold separately) unlock additional content to create new possibilities for friendship and fun.

Learning experts create every learning experience

Starting school is a major milestone for children. The Play & Discover School Set helps prepare children in a gentle yet exciting way by introducing them to preschool routines through pretend play, fun character dialogue and engaging manipulatives. As children gather the class for various activities, they learn about what to expect—from washing hands for snack time, to cleaning up, to possible art activities and more. Songs and stories foster listening comprehension, while movable characters and playtime equipment nurtures fine motor skills, which will be important for learning to write.


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