At Liquidation Center, you can take full advantage of multiple services.

Instead of older generation electronics going to waste, we are aware of the value in finding affordable electronics that can be repaired or refurbished and then passed down to customers at a nice discounted price.

Cell Phone & Tablet Repair

Our technicians are fully trained, 100% certified, and dedicated to the repair of various devices ranging from cell phones to tablets and many others in between. All of our technicians possess the required expertise to make even complex repairs to your device while working in a professional and safe manner.

Liquidations & Closeouts

We deal primarily in closeouts and liquidations, which allows us to sell the same top quality products at lower prices. Our prices are usually about 30-60% off retail price.

To ensure our customers receive high-quality yet affordably priced cell phones, tablets, gaming consoles, headsets, and more, we offer both liquidations and closeouts. By focusing the majority of our attention in this area, we have the ability to sell the same top-quality products at prices that are usually between 30% and 60% less than the retail price.

Console Sales & Repairs

We specialize in video games, consoles and accessories. We’re gamers, too, so having a system that’s tested and works well is important to us. We sell new and refurbished systems, and we also fix broken consoles.

PC, Latptop, & Mac Repair

For all computers, PC, laptop, or Macintosh, our trained and certified technicians can make the necessary repairs. No matter the make or model, we are more than happy to look at your computer to determine what repairs can be made.